‘Digital Beamforming design in mmW : A 22nm FDSOI transceiver practical case’

Auteurs : J. Prouvée

Parution : IPSOC 2023 Grenoble France

‘Towards On-device Learning on the Edge : Ways to Select Neurons to Update under a Budget Constraint’

Auteurs : Aël Quélennec, Enzo Tartaglione, Pavlo Mozharovskyi, Van-Tam Nguyen

Parution : IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision

‘Localization as a Key Enabler of 6G Wireless Systems: A Comprehensive Survey and an Outlook’

Auteurs : S. E. Trevlakis et al.

Parution : IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society, vol. 4, pp. 2733-2801, 2023

‘Beyond Diagonal Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces with Mutual Coupling: Modeling and Optimization’

Auteurs : H. Li, S. Shen, M. Nerini, M. Di Renzo and B. Clerckx

Parution : IEEE Communications Letters

‘RIS-Assisted Receive Quadrature Spatial Modulation With Low-Complexity Greedy Detection’

Auteurs : M. H. Dinan, M. Di Renzo and M. F. Flanagan

Parution : IEEE Transactions on Communications

‘Joint Beamforming for RIS-Assisted Integrated Sensing and Communication Systems’

Auteurs : Y. Xu, Y. Li, J. A. Zhang, M. Di Renzo and T. Q. S. Quek

Parution : IEEE Transactions on Communications

‘Indexed Multiple Access with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: The Reflection Tuning Potential’

Auteurs : R. Singh, A. Kaushik, W. Shin, G. C. Alexandropoulos, M. Toka and M. Di Renzo

Parution : IEEE Communications Magazine

‘RIS-Aided Index Modulation with Greedy Detection over Rician Fading Channels’

Auteurs : Aritra Basu, Soumya P. Dash, Aryan Kaushik, Debasish Ghose, Marco Di Renzo, Yonina C. Eldar

Parution : IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 2023

‘An AI-as-a-Service Platform for an Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)’

Auteurs : Ali Nadar, Jerôme Härri

Parution : IEEE VTC Spring 2024

‘Review and Perspectives on the Audit of Vehicle-to-Everything Communications’

Auteurs : Chaima Zidi, Patrick Sondi, Nathalie Mitton, Martine Wahl, Ahmed Meddahi

Parution : IEEE Access 2023

‘Valley-conserved topological integrated antenna for 100-Gbps THz 6G wireless’

Auteurs : Ridong Jia, Sonu Kumar, Thomas Caiwei Tan, Abhishek Kumar, Yi Ji Tan, Manoj Gupta, Pascal Szriftgiser, Arokias wami Alphones, Guillaume Ducournau,Ranjan Singh

Parution : Science Advances, Volume 9, Issue 44, Nov 2023